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Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Green

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Green

Chief Solutions Officer

Alex Green

Chief Marketing Officer

Jake Green

VP Capital Markets

Max Spencer

Operations Manager

Umberto Gatti

Financial Analyst

Jake Smirnov

Country Manager, Panama

Gilberto Boyd Diaz

Environmental Advisory Team

Mark Bernstein

Country Manager, Philippines

Brian Arandez

Region Manager, Middle East

Jacob Nalbandian

Be Impactful

We must be the change we seek in the world.

Be Thoughtful

Through our products, practices, and profits, we will aim to do no harm and benefit all.

Be Innovative

We are consistently redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Be Respectful

Act with the understanding that we are dependent upon each other and thus responsible for one another and future generations.

About Us

EōS helps empower sovereign governments, state-sponsored entities, and private companies to meet their sustainability and climate targets by providing a platform architecture solution with a wide range of sustainable solution services throughout the entire process - including planning, analysis, design, finance, engineering, construction, operation, decommissioning, and remediation. Predominantly focused in the Western Hemisphere, we do operate globally. EōS incorporates innovative and flexible financing and deployment platform, allowing clients to make significant strides toward meeting their climate and sustainability goals. 

CEO Statement

“Changes in the world we live in have dramatic effects globally. For this reason, I decided to create something that could truly impact humanity. I wanted to challenge myself to think of how I could help our shared planet. I am confident that the most effective way EōS can drive the largest change would be by providing business leaders with the tools needed to implement impactful change in comprehensive and meaningful ways. We are proud to be our customers’ sustainability partner, as we share in the pursuit of our common ideal of being the change we seek.” – Aaron Green, CEO

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