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Committed to
Responsible Investment

Our Projects

We are currently engaged with projects in 22 countries across the Western Hemisphere, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Wherever our firm operates, we want to provide leverage to address the climate crisis and its outcomes: lower carbon, more efficient consumption, less impact on the environment, people, and more access for all.  


At Scale


EōS Organization is a global firm that works with sovereign governments, state-sponsored entities, and private companies, providing a platform to develop and deploy sustainability-driven developments across energy, water, food, waste, and infrastructure supporting a dual mandate of increased global environmental sustainability and increased economic, social, and environmental stability in energy and water markets via resource development.

EōS works under a simple framework that allows clients to leverage a private platform to develop and deploy critical infrastructure across energy, water, waste, and infrastructure. By packaging sustainable projects with the right technical know-how and capital partnerships, EōS’ sole mission is to create a fully sustainable world. That means broad access to affordable and quality energy, food, and potable water.

Our goal of creating a fully sustainable world means creating access to affordable energy, food, and potable water. We also pride ourselves in being committed to a set of seven principles presented by the UN Global Compact.

We navigate the design, buildout, and every step for every project. Tackling large-scale infrastructure developments with these principles in mind. This helps ensure that what we do brings the most impactful positive change for all.

It is especially important to maintain these tenants overseas when working in impoverished communities and regions subject to energy, food, and water crisis. It is far too common to see developers begin construction displacing thousands or even millions while also disrupting the natural ecosystems.


This is an issue that we take very seriously and we ensure that in each project we develop we maintain the interest of the indigenous land, community, and ecosystem to ensure the most benefit to all involved. We work extensively with governments and municipalities to create a plan to ensure the local communities are well respected, maintained, and supported throughout development and beyond.

Committed to
Responsible Investment


We pride ourselves on our breadth of services, including solutions for developing infrastructure and measures to bring clean potable water to communities that rely on otherwise volatile and inconsistent sources.

We also develop innovative solutions to combat communities facing food crises and scarcity.​ These seamlessly blend into our portfolio of services, such as sustainable solar powering our desalination systems can solve many communal agriculture and irrigation issues.


As the world keeps advancing and our population keeps increasing, we continue to grow our need for vast amounts of energy. But at what cost; we are pulling from the earth and polluting at a rate higher than we can currently mitigate.

At EōS we realize this is the single greatest issue facing society moving into the future. Society can not wait to act on this pressing issue any longer, and so we are deploying solutions to help reshape the future one project at a time.


We must actively work to reshape our world for a cleaner, brighter, more sustainable future for all of humanity.

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