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Story & Mission

Founded in Newport Beach, CA in 2016 EōS has rapidly grown from providing commercial efficiency solutions to developing and operating large scale sustainable infrastructure undertakings. We have built key relationships and teams that allow us to thrive and succeed in this sector realizing great growth year after year.


EōS helps empower sovereign governments, state-sponsored entities, and private companies to meet their sustainability and climate targets by providing a platform architecture solution with a wide range of sustainable solution services throughout the entire process - including planning, analysis, design, finance, engineering, construction, operation, decommissioning, and remediation.

Key Facts

Operating in 22+ countries globally (as of Q3 2022).

Family-owned & operated from inception.

Founded in 2016 in Newport Beach, California.

Seen X% growth year over year since 2016.

UN Global Compact participant.

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The Answers You Need

This is a great and important question, if you have gone through our expertise channels and found solutions you are interested in and meet our minimum project value size we can work with you. Generally, we work with large scale entities from governments and municipalities to large corporations and businesses, but this is not to say we won't work smaller operations. Our minimum project size sits at $50,000.00. for domestic projects and $500,000 international. If you are interested in our services and fear we wont be able to offer aid. As long as the project value surpasses those minimums we can work with you.

Do I qualify for your services?

One of our distinct specialties lies in financing energy projects. We discuss how this works with our clients but in short...

What if I don't have the capital for a large-scale energy project?

This is dependent entirely on the client and their needs. Some clients contract us for design and buildout as well as long-term operations and management, whereas some projects we may have within the terms require us to train a local team to operate and manage a power plant for example, in that instance technically we wouldn't be operating the plant. We are a dynamic company looking to worth with our clients to arrive at a solution that tackles any and all pain points.

What stage of the project do you develop and oversee?

We have seen such rapid growth for a multitude of factors, from our expansive and ever-growing network in the sustainability, finance, and political spheres. To our multi-faceted approach to solving the largest problems. We believe there is no barriers when it comes to the development of sustainability projects; only stones left unturned. With that in mind, our job is to find the solution that will best work for our client and deliver.

Why has EōS seen such rapid growth over the last 6 years?

This is a difficult question to answer, and the outcomes vary greatly based on the complexity of the project and its solutions, as well as the speed of the entity we are negotiating and working with. We would say a range of 6 months up to 36 months from Letter of Intent to Breaking ground is a range to be aware of.

How long does an EōS project take?

Outside of becoming a client or reporter, a great way to help is through exposure. We are always looking to have our brand circulate throughout the digital world. By sharing and posting about the work we are doing you are helping bring awareness to not only EōS but to the needs of our planet as a whole.

How can I help?


Though we strive to provide a comprehensive press kit, we understand there may be questions various reporters, outlets, and publications may still have. We welcome all inquiries and will do our best to get in touch in a timely manner. Note this is a dynamic and fluid page subject to frequent updates.

Change Requires Action

"The work we do today has a huge impact tomorrow"


Press Kit

From our story and mission, to brand guidelines, to frequently asked questions. Please Use this comprehensive Press Kit for quick access to EōS content, past work, and any information in between. If you are looking to contact with a representative from our marketing team please inquire with our form above.

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